Last Chance to Catch “Much Ado About Nothing”

Much Ado About Nothing
William Shakespeare is the most famous playwright in the English-speaking world. One of his most popular plays was “Much Ado About Nothing,” which he wrote around the middle of his career – historians think it must have been around 1598 or 1599. But just because it’s been around for a long... [read more]

McMahon’s and Molly’s Have Irish Fare Covered

Irish Fare
It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, and you need to get in the green mood fast. What’s the best way to do that? With some delicious Irish food and drinks, of course! But you don’t want to go to just any Irish pub. Instead, you want to head over to McMahon’s... [read more]

Join Lucky Dog Rescue at the Wags and Wine Extravaganza

Wags & Wine Extravaganza
Who says you can’t save animals and enjoy a night out at the same time? Well, you can. You just have to join Lucky Dog Rescue at the Wags and Wine Extravaganza. This is the ninth year of the fundraiser, and they’ve been able to save countless animals so far.... [read more]

You’ll Find the Perfect Pet Groomer in Warrenton

Pet Groomers
Your dog’s mane isn’t shaggy, but that’s how he’s been looking. He is in serious need of a haircut, and the last time you tried to do it yourself, it was a disaster. Hand Fido off to a skilled groomer so he can get the cut of his life. He... [read more]

The YMCA Chocolates Galore and More Event Is Coming Up

Chocolates Galore YMCA
When you think of the YMCA, what comes to mind? You probably think of working out, swimming, and enjoying some family-friendly activities. Well, add chocolate to that list of items that come to mind. It’s almost time for the 31st Anniversary Chocolates Galore and More. It will be on Feb.... [read more]

Treat Yourself at a Spa Near Warrenton

Spa in Warrenton
When’s the last time you treated yourself? If you have to stop and think about it, it’s been way too long. It’s time to change that. Make an appointment at a Warrenton spa so you can finally indulge yourself. You do so much for everyone else, and now it’s time... [read more]

Have You Tried Gateau? If Not, You’re Missing Out

Gateau Cakes
Gateau just might be the tastiest business in all of Warrenton. This bakery, café, and tea room just moved to a new location on Culpeper Street, and it seems to be more popular than ever before. Get the details on Gateau and make plans to visit this weekend. Baked Goods Like... [read more]